tried others, but found bio hazard cleaning ) the most reliable, sensitive & understanding; they did what they said they’d do & more. They responded, quoted &, on acceptance of the quote, commenced work promptly. Their quote was comprehensive & easy to understand. More importantly, they were accessible by phone on & off the job, trustworthy &, where needed, maintained confidentiality & privacy. The end report with before & after picture provided was a bonus & asset to have.

Claire W

Just had Bio Hazard Cleaning come by and clean out my employer’s crawl space under the house. Rat and scat infested, the place was a mess. I wouldn’t have wanted to step foot in there. In under two days, these guys came through, pulled all the old junk had been thrown in there, cleaned the space within an inch of its life, plugged up all access points and returned everything to the space, in a much more organised fashion than it had been before.
Thank You

Karen Ong

Great guys. Very respectful, concerned, considerate, and thorough, and timely. Would recommend this company to family and friends. Thank you bio-hazard. Very satisfied and happy customer.

Helen D

I wanted to say thank you for your kindness during the time you were at my home. The house was amazing after your cleanup and the card you sent meant a great deal to me during a very difficult time in my life. The service you provide is truly a gift


Bio hazard did a fantastic job for our mold remediation. I have concerns that the mold in our house may be affecting my health. It was important to me that the job be done correctly. the crew were attentive to the details that made for a successful renovation. The work was done on time and for a reasonable price. Thanks guys


When Bio Hazard is called to a job, it is usually in a time of crisis. the crew are outstanding at taking care of tough jobs in a friendly and caring manner. It is also great to see a local business so involved in our community.