Crime Scene Cleaning



Biohazard Cleaning provides specialised services for trauma and blood biohazard remediation associated with traumatic accidents, homicides and suicides. We understand that these difficult events, and the scenes they leave behind, create emotional and psychological trials that can act as an impediment to healing. Our goal is to remove the physical evidence of these events, while treating family members and scenes with the utmost sensitivity and care. Ultimately, we restore the work or home environment to a sanitary condition that promotes closure and healing for the occupants.

Our Blood & Trauma Biohazard Decontamination and Remediation services include:

Blood Spill & Trauma Scene Biohazard Cleaning

Blood and bodily fluid spills in your workplace or home should be treated as potentially hazardous areas that require emergency response. In their immediate states, these fluids may contain disease. Over the long term, organic materials decompose and can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, insects and other biological decomposers. Blood and bodily fluid clean-ups requires a team with expertise. Blood gets beneath carpets and padding very quickly, and can become acidic in time, causing damage to the flooring below, as well as odour issues.


Blood Spill Contamination & Trauma Scene Bio-Remediation Services

Biohazard Cleaning employs fully certified and expertly skilled biohazard remediation technicians who specialise in providing biohazard cleaning services including blood spill contamination and trauma scene remediation across Australia. Our trained technicians provide biohazard decontamination and remediation services for families and businesses that have a need for biohazard contaminates to be removed from a living or work environment. When the need for specialised Blood and Trauma remediation technicians occurs, it requires proper handling of contaminates and cleaning methods which may pose many risks that one needs to be aware of. Biohazard Cleaning staff and technicians promote health, and protect people while safeguarding the environment with our comprehensive biohazard, blood and trauma remediation service.

Our trained and certified Biohazard Cleaning technicians are fully adept in working with homeowners to deal with emotionally traumatic experiences and assisting in the biohazard cleaning process to provide emotional closure so that our clients can move on with their life.

Crime Scene Cleaning